How To Boil An Egg


Are you hopeless in the kitchen? Has your mother been in charge of cooking your hangover curing breakfasts? The boiled egg is a staple of the English breakfast and learning how to create the perfect dippy egg and soldiers combo before you go to University will ease your hangovers whilst you are away from the nest.

First: Boil some water in a saucepan (obviously), you’ll need enough water to cover your egg otherwise it’s not going to boil properly.

Second:  Once the water is boiling (that means you see bubbles) place your egg carefully into it, don’t drop it, it will crack.

Third: You need to decide whether you’re a soft egg or a hard egg kind of person. 5 minutes will give you a runny yolk and 9 minutes will give you the classic hard-boiled yolk. If you are picky and want a kind of runny but not so much it’s like gloop, then you should aim for around 7 minutes.

Fourth: Chuck some bread in the toaster and once that’s done cut them down into those cute little soldiers.

Finally: Once you’ve achieved your perfectly timed egg boiling, take it out and run it under cold water to stop it cooking more than you want. Hey presto, you’ve got yourself the perfect dippy egg and soldiers combo. No need to thank us…


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