Top Jobs For Students


Being a student isn’t made easier by that fact that you barely have enough money to get by. Maintenance loans rarely cover living and the cost of your accommodation, so you’re left having to live off noodles and cheap beer. Part time jobs may not be for everyone whilst you are studying but they are a great way to get some more experience for your CV and earn some extra cash. Here are 5 jobs that we believe are perfect for the student lifestyle..


Working in a supermarket may not be your dream career but whilst your studying working for Tesco offers you flexible hours and great pay. Zero hour contracts can seem daunting but it does mean you can fit your availability around your studies and lectures without the worry of having to commit to contracted hours. They also have a Student Transfer programme which enables you to work at your home store during holidays and your university store during term time.

Search for jobs in your area and apply here:


John_Lewis_Birmingham_Sept_2015John Lewis/Waitrose

Employees of John Lewis and Waitrose get great benefits as they each own a percentage of the company, meaning you get a great bonus at the end of the tax year. There are no zero hour contracts here either, so you are at least guaranteed a set number of hours a week. You can choose your availability usually to fit around your schedule and they offer student transfers and student leave.

Search for jobs in your area and apply here:



The benefits of working at Cineworld whilst studying are pretty damn good. Free films, staff previews, 40% off food and drink and a zero hour contract! If you are a film buff, this jobs for you as you can watch as many free films as you like in your spare time. And the zero hour contract and student leave means that you can fit your availability around your studies.

Search for jobs in your area and apply here:


student-ambassador-5Student Ambassador

Becoming a Student Ambassador for your University is a great way to earn extra cash and it looks great on your CV. The hours are usually pretty easy and you can spend your time telling prospective students about how great your local nightclub is. As you are employed by your University they obviously understand that you have lectures and deadlines to deal with, so they are pretty flexible as well.

Get in contact with your university to find out more about Student Ambassador positions on campus.



Working in bars and clubs is a great way to fund your student drinking habits. You can usually find a job behind the bar or in the cloakroom for pretty good pay. And as they don’t tend to open till the evenings (obviously) you’ll have plenty of free time for writing those essays and attending lectures during the day. The downside is the unsociable hours but you do get the chance to earn some side cash from all those tips you’ll be getting!

Take your CV into your local bars/clubs to enquire whether they have any positions available. 

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