The Budget Planner


Now we all know that you students aren’t exactly renowned for your ability to budget your money, you’re too busy ‘studying’ right? Well we have a present for you and it comes in the form of the Help! I’m A Student handy budget planner. Print it out, fill it in, stick it on your wall and you’ll be one step closer to getting more bang for your buck, so to speak…

Download it here: help-im-a-student-budget-planner

The Laundry Lowdown


It’s time to tackle that floordrobe and get some valuable lessons for life as we take on laundry! Getting your clothes washed can be a daunting task for the uninitiated and there are a few pitfalls to avoid, but we here at Help! I’m a Student are about to take you on a magical journey through all things detergent and spin cycles.

The Student Bank Account


Once you’ve got your acceptance letter in the post its a pretty good idea to go set up your first student bank account. High street banks offer loads of great deals for students including overdrafts and discounts to save you from bankrupting yourself too much. Signing up is usually relatively easy, you can do it online or take in your acceptance letter and some ID to your local bank and they’ll get you all set up. So listed below are the benefits that 5 main banks so generously offer their student customers…