A Beginner’s Guide To Student Nights Out


New to the nightlife? Not sure where to start? Let us be your guide to the more social aspects of student life.

Fresher’s week is full of opportunity to introduce yourself to the world of bars and clubs, but it can be quite intimidating if you’re not fully prepared. Here are a few little things to get you comfortable and ready to party down. Obviously, we insist that you do everything in moderation, but when does that ever stop anyone?

For The Student Who Doesn’t Drink


No matter who you are, when you think about a stereotypical image of a student a similar image probably comes to mind. Forget the studying and exams, universities are a place to get party, drink and go crazy non-stop. Right? Though this may be one of the major attractions for many would be students who are eager to join in, there are an equally large number who find it just a little bit stressful.

Whether you are someone who really doesn’t enjoy the party lifestyle or someone who is anxious about the pressures to drink and match the antics of your peers do not fret, we are here to help you…