The Study Planner


Are you completely, hopelessly and utterly unorganised? Are you always having to ask your course mates when your deadlines are? Well, no longer my friend. We at Help! I’m A Student have designed a free downloadable study planner just for you. Print it out, stick it on your wall and bid a warm welcome to the new organised version of yourself. Your friends will wonder whats happened…

Download it here: help-im-a-student-study-planner

Top 6 apps for studying


Smartphones aren’t just great for hunting Pokemon or posting pictures of your dinner to Instagram, they can also help you out with studying. Who knew? Here are our top 6 apps for helping you achieve that much needed 2:1 (or first if you’re lucky)…


Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 15.05.49

  1. Oxford Dictionary 

Want to make to pad out your word count with fancy words? Or found a word in a textbook and have no idea what the hell it means? The Oxford Dictionary app has your back. You can use your phone camera to search for the meanings of words, add categories to your favourites and even learn how to ‘combine academic words naturally’.