The Laundry Lowdown


It’s time to tackle that floordrobe and get some valuable lessons for life as we take on laundry! Getting your clothes washed can be a daunting task for the uninitiated and there are a few pitfalls to avoid, but we here at Help! I’m a Student are about to take you on a magical journey through all things detergent and spin cycles.

The Classic Bacon Sandwich


An absolute must for any hungry carnivore, this is the all-round classic bacon sandwich done properly. Be warned – once the smell of bacon gets around there’s nowhere to hide and you’re going to be everyone’s best mate for a quick fix…

 You will need:

  •  2 rashers of smoked or unsmoked bacon (3 if you’re feeling hungry)
  • 2 slices of thick white bread
  • Butter
  • Sauce of your choice (or not, it’s your call)

Top tip: grill the bacon rather than fry it. It’s quicker, healthier (no oil) and no big frying pan to clean after! You will need to be able to turn on the grill on your oven though.

The steps:

  1. Turn the grill on to full, leaving the oven door open at all times.
  2. Place some tin foil on the bottom of the grill pan, then put your bacon on the tray.
  3. Pop the bacon under the grill for a couple of minutes, and turn it over once the top gets dark pink and the fat starts getting crispy.
  4. Get your bread buttered while the bacon is cooking (don’t forget to check the bacon regularly unless you want to smoke your housemates out)
  5. Once the bacon is done, get it in between your buttered bread and slather it in whatever sauce you prefer.

Words by Simon Whitlock